How to create and set-up an e-ticket template.

With this manual we try to explain to you how to create an E-ticket template for your event. Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have some questions afterwards!


When creating an E-ticket, please keep the following conditions in mind:

  • A4-format
  • PDF File
  • 2MB. max.
  • Horizontal barcode: 100mm x 60mm
  • The horizontal barcode is required. You can always choose adding a vertical barcode in the design


The first step is to log in the backoffice with your Paylogic merchant account and go to Manage -> Ticket templates -> select your event and click on "Create a new E-ticket template".

Give your E-ticket template a remarkable name. (for example: regular design for regular ticket). This makes it a lot easier for you to search for your E-tickets when needed.


The second step is to mark the position(s) of the barcode(s) on your ticket template. Coordinates are your guide in this step. These coordinates are millimeters on an E-ticket. 
In the first section, you fill in the distance of the barcode from the left side of the ticket. The second section is the distance of the barcode from the upper side of your ticket. You can find an example below:

  • Horizontal bottom left-side (13 - 224 (H1)
  • Horizontal upper left-side (13 - 80 (H2)


  • Vertical bottom right-side (157 - 214 (V1)
  • Vertical upper right-side (157 - 80) (V2)

Each E-ticket is unique and the barcodes can change from position whenever you want to change them. Just change the positions:

As soon as you think that the position of the barcode suits the way you want, click on the orange button "save changes" and then click on "preview". You will automatically download a PDF-file. This is your E-ticket preview.

When you are satisfied about your ticket, do not forget to connect your ticket to the specific product in your backoffice. (for example: regular e-ticket template for regular tickets, VIP-ticket template for VIP-tickets et cetera). 
Go to Manage -> Event -> Select event -> E-ticket templates. From here you can connect your E-ticket template to the designated product:


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