Now you have created an event it is time for adding products. This article will guide you through the process of setting up and configuring products with a simple step by step instruction.


  • Active Paylogic account with back office credentials;
  • An event

Step 1: Login to the Backoffice

Log in to the Paylogic with the username and password sent to you by e-mail.

Step 2: Create products

After you have created a new event you will be able to create and edit product in the 'Products' tab.
To create a new product click on the button labeled ‘Create product’.


Step 3: Configure a product

You will now be able to fully configure the created product to your own likes with a lot of different settings which will be important for the sale of these products. The configuration has a wide range of different customization in particular the product name, description, price, sale period, products per order and the available amount of products. The latter can be configured with the ‘Use a new pool’ checkbox.

For further information on configuring products and pools read this article. If all the required fields are filled in, click on the ‘Create Product’ button.




Important side notes:

  • Make sure the fields ‘Product name’, ‘Price’, ‘Minimum per order’, ‘Maximum per order’ and ‘Product pool’ are filled in. These are required to continue setting up the event.

  • After the product is set up there is still a possibility to change the filled in fields, so the information can still be edited afterwards.

Congratulations you are able to create products to your event!



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