Sales period

This manual will guide you step by step for creating sales periods for your event. For example, you have different kind of tickets for your event. Some of these tickets have to be sold first and some of them last. That is why you can chose a sales period for your tickets.


  • Active Paylogic account with backoffice credentials
  • An event


Step 1: Log in to the backoffice

Log in to the Paylogic backoffice at with the username and password sent to you by e-mail.


Step 2: Manage event

Go to your created event by clicking on 'Manage' and after that on the preferred event. 

Step 3: Sales periods

On the left you see the option 'sales periods'. When you scroll down you see 'Sales periods products'. All your products are being showed with the start date and time and the end date and time. Each product can have a different sales period.

Step 4: Save changes

When you have changed the sales periods you scroll down to the end of the page and click on ' Save Changes'.

You now have the right sales periods for each product in this event!

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