My event will be cancelled.. What now?

This is probably the worst news you can hear as an eventmanager. We feel very sorry.


Please contact your personal Account Manager (or Account Support) first. They are able to provide you a list with contact information of your customers. In this way you are able to provide them with information.


Your Account Manager will also send you another file which you have to fill out in order to provide us with the required information about the refunds. Here you can confirm which costs need to be refunded (service fees, payment costs etc…)


As soon as you have filled in and signed this document, our Customer Services will do their utmost best to guarantee the refunds.


NOTE: This is only valid if the document is signed by an authorized signatory.


If it happens to be that your balance at Paylogic is insufficient, you will receive a pro-forma invoice from us.

NOTE: It depends on the chosen payment methods of the customer itself when they get their money back.

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