Ticketshop integration on Facebook

Nowadays a lot of your fans interact with your brand on social media, and even though you might want to redirect the fans to your website for ticket sales, it is also possible to convert them directly on Facebook. This article explains how you can integrate the same ticket shop as you have on your website, on your Facebook page. You will notice some HTML codes, but HTML knowledge is not required to get this to work.


  • A Paylogic account and active event with a shop that is published (referred to as the Paylogic front office URL)
  • A Facebook page for your event or brand, not an event specific page where people can attend to. For more information see:


Step 1: Add a custom Tab to your Facebook Page

Make sure you are signed in to Facebook with the account that has access to the Facebook page you want to add the Paylogic shop to.

Go to: and click on click on “Add Static HTML Html to a Page”


Step 2: Replace "index.html" for the iframe code

Click on "edit tab" and remove text at "index.html" and replace it for the iframe code which is displayed underneath. Please note that you replace the text "Paylogic Frontoffice url" for your own unique Paylogic Frontoffice url. After that click save and publish. 

id=" paylogic_shop">



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