Marketing tags configuration in the Backoffice

Online marketing tools help in identifying (potential) fans and getting insights in their behavior and interests. The Marketing Tags feature allows you to configure tracking pixels in the Paylogic Backoffice. The pixel communicates data with the corresponding platforms. This manual will guide you how to configure tracking pixels of the supported online marketing tools for the online sales of your event(s).


Available tags for your event(s)

  • Google Adwords - Conversietracking
  • Google Analytics Universal
  • Google Adwords - Remarketing
  • Custom Conversion Pixel
  • Facebook Pixel

Want more information about the features shown above? We have several partners which are specialized in online marketing. Please contact us for more information. 

Step 1: Select the preferred event

When you are logged in to the Backoffice, open the tab ‘Manage’ by clicking it on the top left of the screen. When you are in the ‘Manage’ tab you will see all events that you have created. Select the event for which you want to configure the tracking pixel(s).

Step 2: Marketing Tags list

Please select “Marketing Tags” which you are able to find amongst the advanced options. Here you will find an overview of available tags. 



Step 3: Configure tracking pixel in event

When you are in the specific marketing tag please select the desired tracking pixel and configure the tracking pixel(s) for an event by simply inserting the requested fields.



Additional information 

There is the ability to configure default values on merchant level, which will be used as the default values for each event. Please ask your accountmanager for more information.


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