How to import a list of contacts in the guestlist tool

You have a list of guests or friends which you want to invite for an event. With the Guestlist tool it is possible to import such a list as a CSV file. This manual will give show you step by step how to send out a Guesltist through a CSV file. 


  • Active Paylogic account
  • Published event
  • Data of the guest you want to invite

Step 1: Open the event

Please open the specified event. You can find it in the 'Manage' tab. 


Step 2: Activate the 'Guestlist' point of sale on event level

Within the event, go to 'Points of sale' in the configuration section. If this point of sale is already activated, you can skip this step. 


Step 3: Activate the 'Guestlist' point of sale on product level

Go to 'Products' and click on the desired products. Also activate the point of sale 'Guestlist' here. This is mandatory for every individual product you want to send with the Guestlist tool. If the point of sale is already selected for the products, you can skip this step. 


Step 4: Create a new guestlist

Click on 'Guestlist' within the 'Actions' settings.  


Step 5: Download the template

Choose for 'Import with products' and download the template. 


Step 6: Fill out the columns 

Please fill out all the columns with the correct information. De name, surname and the amount of products speak for themselves. For the columns gender and bundled abbreviations are being used:


Male: M

Female: F

Bundled (when you choose to bundle, multiple tickets that are send to one guest will be merged into one file)

Yes: 1

No: 0


When the sheet is filled out completely, please save it as a CSV file. 

Step 7: Upload the CSV file in the Backoffice

Upload the file, give the guestlist a name and please click on 'Next'. 


Step 8: Guestlist Import Setup

Select the columnnames/products die overeenkomen met the columns in the CSV file. The following are mandatory: Name, surname, e-mail and at least one product. It is possible to deactivate specific columns by selecting 'not applicable'.

There is an option to save the profile you just made in order to use it again. 

When everything has been filled out correctly, please continue to the next page. 


Step 9: Set up and complete the e-mail

You can now configure the degree of formality, language and subject of the guestlist e-mail. You do not need to use our default text, customaziation is possible.


When all settings are done, ‘Send Guestlist’ to invite your guests! 


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