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The real benefit of Online Scanning is the fact that all of your scandata will be saved in the Backoffice immediately. Also, you are able to continue your online point of sales when you are scanning online.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that scanware software is NOT compatible with MacBook or any other Apple products.


Step 1: Create a Scanware user

If you prefer to use the Online Scan Method, you first have to create a Scanware user account. As soon as you click on “create new scanware user”, you’ll arrive at the next page in the BackOffice.

The amount of scanware accounts is not limited.


Step 2: Scanware permissions

Now go back to your eventpage and click on Scanware permissions. Here you can fill in your Scanware settings. Which products can be scanned by which Scanware user? For each Scanware user, you can suggest what kind of tickets they are able to scan.

For example: When you have 2 or more entrances, you can decide to create different scanware users for different entrances. We highly recommend to use a “Superuser”. In case you have created a Superuser; after you have logged in you can still choose what kind of products can be scanned by this Superuser.

Please do not forget to save the changes that have been made.


Step 3: Download Paylogic scanware

For Online Scanning you have to use the Paylogic Scanware. This can be downloaded through our Backoffice. Please go back to your Dashboard and click on ‘Documentation’.

Now please download the Paylogic Scanware file.


Step 4: Login

As soon as you have installed the Scanware, you’ll see the following program:

Log in with your account that you have created in step 1. Select BackOffice (V2) as your server. If this doesn’t work, please fill in:


Step 5: Create a scannername

After you are logged in, Scanware will ask you to create a scannername. For example, you can choose for “scanner 1”, “scanner 2”, “scanner 3” etc. Select your event and finally click on “start scanning”.


Step 6: ‘Bleep’ and lightsignal

Take into account that as soon as you are scanning, your scanware will always give a ‘bleep’ or a small ‘lightsignal’. You can see at your screen whether or not the ticket is accepted. If not, there are several notifications possibilities:

- No ticket for this event
- Payment not finished or failed
- Ticket already scanned
- Barcode invalid or error
- Ticket not accepted by this scanner


Step 7: Reports

Log into your Backoffice account at Click on Reports and as follows Custom Reports. At the left side of your screen, you’ll see different options. You have the opportunity to choose for statistics for each ticket-type, or maybe for each scanner/entrance. Just follow the steps in the image below.

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