Scanware Manual Paylogic - Offline 

This manual is applicable for almost every event. Remember, because this type of scanning is done offline, it is impossible to continue sales during the event. If the sale must continue, a stable internet connection is needed on location. Please contact your account manager for further information.


Step 1: Create a Scanware user in the backoffice

To download the barcode file (SPQ) a Scanware user is needed for security reasons.

  • Login into the backoffice of Paylogic –
  • Go to the tab ‘Scan- & Ticketware gebruikers’ under ‘Manage’ (see picture)

You can use already existing Scanware users. Click on the name to see the details

  • Click on ‘Create New Scanware User’
  • Fill out the form and click ‘Create’
  • Make sure you remember the username and password; they will be asked in future steps.


Step 2: Set Scanware permissions per Scanware user

This is where you (can) select the products that a specific Scanware user is allowed to scan. When someone is only allowed to scan VIP tickets, make a separate Scanware user for this entrance. If you decide to do this when starting Scanware select: ‘Is super user’ (recommended)


  • Go to ‘Manage’ -> ‘Events’ and select the event you want to scan
  • Go to ‘Scanware Permissions’
  • A list with the existing Scanware users and products for that event is shown

  • Select the products that are accepted per Scanware user or select ‘Is super user’ to postpone the selection of accepted products (recommended)
  • Don’t forget to ‘Save changes’


Step 3: Download Scanware and the backoffice file (SPQ) per event

First it is necessary to download and install our software on the computer. Please download and install Scanware from the following URL:

With the software installed you can download the barcode file from the backoffice. When downloading the file make sure the sale is ended (preferable 30 minutes earlier). This barcode file is called an SPQ file and can be imported in the, just installed, Scanware (step 4).


  • Go to ‘Manage’ -> ‘Events’ and select the event you want to scan.
  • Go to ‘Scanware files’
  • Select the right Scanware user for this event (according to the permissions) and download the SPQ-file.



Step 4: Start Scanware and load the barcode file (SPQ)

All the imported files are now on your computer and internet is not necessary anymore from this moment.

  • Open Scanware
  • Select ‘Work offline’
  • Press ‘Search...’ and select the just downloaded barcode file (*.spq)
  • Provide the proper login details (username and password of the created Scanware user)
  • Press ‘Start scanning’
  • When the Scanware user is a ‘super user’ you are asked to enter a Scannername and select the accepted products. Always highlight the checkbox ‘Show personal details’ to see more information on the screen while scanning.



Step 5: Scanning

Now connect the USB-scanner to the computer. Scan a ticket by aiming the red laser line (or red block of light) at the barcode. A sound is given when the barcode is read properly, this does not mean it is checked in Scanware, therefore it is very important to:

  • To make sure the text field at the bottom (in front of ‘Scan’) is highlighted with the flickering cursor. If not, the scanner cannot type the barcode into the field.
  • Make sure the screen is changing from colour, below the possible messages and colours are given. Notice (while scanning) that there are two different colours per message to make sure you see the difference of same successive results (OK – OK – OK)

The following messages can appear after a scan:


Ticket is valid


Ticket is invalid, possible reasons: 
Not a ticket for this event
Payment not completed or failed


Ticket is already scanned by [scannername]



Barcode invalid or reading error


Ticket not accepted by this scanner
(product is not permitted, see step 3)



FAQ and tips

Scanner is beeping but screen doesn’t change colour

The most common reason is the highlight of the cursor in the text field at the bottom of Scanware. Without this cursor the scanner is unable to type the barcode into that field. See the USB-scanner just as a special keyboard for barcodes; it needs to be able to type somewhere.


Search/scan by order number

When you only have an order number, you are able to scan the complete order (remember: all e-tickets within this order will be scanned). Please go to ‘Scan’ -> ‘Scan on order number’ and enter the order number. It will show you how many valid tickets are still left in this order. When confirming always wait a few seconds to make sure the tickets wasn’t already scanned (if so a pop-up will show).


Search/scan by name

When somebody forgot/lost their tickets it is possible to search by name. This will allow you to completely scan the full order (remember: all e-tickets within this order will be scanned). Before checking by name please check the persons identity by asking for the passport or other identification. Please go to ‘Scan’ -> ‘By name’ and select ‘Front-office’ and ‘Ticketware’ checkboxes to see the complete list of people with a valid ticket. Enter the name to search for the right order and click ‘Scan’. It will show you how many valid tickets are still left in this order. When confirming always wait a few seconds to make sure the tickets wasn’t already scanned (if so a pop-up will show).


Barcode not readable

When the scanner does not read the barcode properly, it is also possible to enter the barcode manually in Scanware by just typing the number (12 or 13 digits) that is shown underneath the barcode. This should be done in the same text field the USB-scanners is using (at the bottom of Scanware). After entering the barcode click ‘Scan’.


Scan statistics

The real-time statistics are shown in Scanware on the right. These numbers represent the amount of tickets scanned by this scanner in this session.

After the event, when the computer is connected to the internet, it is possible to upload the barcodes to the backoffice for more detailed reports. Please contact your account manager for further information.

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