How to set up a new event

Congratulations, you are now about to create and configure your own event. This article will guide you through the process of step by step. 


  • Active Paylogic account with Backoffice credentials;

Step 1: Login to the Backoffice

Log in here to the Paylogic Backoffice with the username and password sent to you by e-mail.

Step 2: Create a new event

Start with creating your own event by clicking on the 'Create a new event' link under the 'Manage' tab.


Note: All the information you are about to fill out is still editable after the event is made. 

Step 3: Configure the event details

The following fields are mandatory:

  • Place
  • Begin and end time of the event
  • Place
  • Location
  • Country


Step 4: Configure Point(s) of sale


The points of sale are the channels that will be used to sell tickets. Online is for the sale through the Paylogic Frontoffice (ticketshop). 

Different Points of sale:

  • 'Online' is for sales through the Paylogic Frontoffice.
  • 'Offline' sales are being handled by Primera. 
  • 'Guestlist' is being used for sending tickets to specific guests/partners
  • 'Third' party offers the possibility to offer tickets via third parties or plug-ins. Please contact your accountmanager for more information.

If all the preferred points of sale are checked off, please continue to the next step.



Step 5: Create new products

Click on 'Create product' and fill out the following fields:

  • Productname
  • Price
  • Minimal/Maximum amount of tickets each order
  • The point of sale where you are going to offer this product (or multiple Point of sales)
  • A new pool (the total capacity that will be available of this product)

When all the fiels above are filled out, please continue to the next step. 


Step 6: Configure the sales period

You are now able to configure the sales period for this event and for the individual products. This way you can plan when your products should go on sale and when it should end. Event sales period is leading over product sales periods. This means if the event sales period has expired, sales period ends for all products.

Note: If you want to continue sales during the event, it is necessary to run the scanning software Online. For more information please visit the Online Scanning manual. 

When all the fields are filled out, please continue to the next step. 


Step 7: Configure the Fulfillment types

‘Fulfillment types’ provides the option to configure fulfillment settings, such as fulfillment fees.

The input fields for Added Order fee and Added Ticket Fee are intended for an additional fulfillment fee only. In general use, this is set to 0 EUR. 

For further information on custom fulfillment types, please contact your Paylogic accountmanager. 

When all the fields are filled out, please continue to the next step. 


Step 8: Configure the Payment methods

In the ‘Payment’ tab you will be able to configure which payment methods you want to offer your customer. You can also set a minimum required payment and the valuta per method.

If you configured the Payment methods click on the ‘Finish >’ button.


Note: Please take chargeback risks of certain payment methods into account. Not all payment methods will payout ticket funds at the same time. Please be aware of specific conditions for PayPal.

Step 9: Publish the event

The set up of your event is done! The ticket shop is not accessable for customers, yet. To start your ticket sale you have to pusblish the event. Please do this by clicking the ‘Publish event’ button.
Once you pressed the button you will get to the confirmation screen. Please check if the details of your event are correct and press ‘Yes, go ahead’.


Note: After publishing your event, all the data is still editable! 

Step 10:  

In the tab 'Frontoffice URL' you can find the sales URL(s). 


Important note:

Please keep in mind to always use the link out of the Backoffice when communicating it with your customers. The link in the web adress border will change into a flowlink once you use it which is only usable for 20 minutes. 

Congratulations! You have created and published your new event. For a instruction how to set up and use the Paylogic Frontoffice, read this article.

  • For the integration of the Frontoffice URL (Ticketshop) please see this article.
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