This manual will guide you step by step for creating a Voucher-code sale. For example, you can choose to sell tickets with a specific discount, or give your customers the opportunity on a limited edition of a specific sort of ticket.


  • Active Paylogic account with Backoffice credentials;


If you are willing to offer a product with discount, please follow Step 1. If you want to use the voucher codes only for a limited time, please go to Step 2.


Step 1: Create a new product with a reduced price

Alright! You have chosen for a product with discount! The first thing you have to do is to create a product with a reduced price.

Important notes:

  •  The sales period for a product with discount must always be set up in the past.


We advise you to create a different point of sale than your regular ticket sales. There is a possibility your customer will become confused if they have the opportunity to buy a ticket with discount (voucher) and a regular ticket.


Step 2: Create a voucher point of sale

To create a voucher sale, please make sure you create a new voucher point of sale.
To create a new point of sale. First log in to the Backoffice, open the ‘Manage’ tab and then open the points of sale.

Afterwards you can click on the ‘Create new sales channel’ button, marked with the green plus (+).
To create a new point of sale, you have to choose a name for this point of sale. For example: Voucher Point of Sale.



Step 3: Configure the Frontoffice flow

Good job! Now you must choose whether this voucher code is a required for your consumer or not. This can be found at the “frontoffice flow”.

You can choose between “with voucher” or “with mandatory voucher”.

Important notes:

  • The difference between the two options is whether the voucher code is mandatory or not. The other options in this menu can be ignored.


Step 4: Add the voucher point of sale to your event

Now that you created the voucher point of sale it is time to add that point of sale to your event. You can do this by going to the ‘Events’ tab and selecting the correct event from the list. You will be back on the Event dashboard now.

Open the points of sale list by selecting the ‘Points of sale’ button in the ‘Configuration’ list.

The points of sale list will now be visible. Select the voucher point of sale you have created previously and click the ‘Save changes’ button.

You also need to add the point of sale to your products. Go to Manage > Events > Products. Select the preferred product from the list. On the next screen you select the voucher point of sale for this product.


Step 5: Create voucher codes

This step is different, depending on what kind of voucher codes you want to use.
There are a few possibilities. For example, you can make the decision to create only 1 code, that can be used multiple times, or several codes that can be used multiple times.

There is also the possibility to create a multiple codes that can only be used once for one or more tickets.
“I want to use multiple voucher codes”.

Well, in this case we advise you to create these different codes using this website.

Important notes:

  • If you want to create more than 3,000 unique codes, please contact your Paylogic Account Manager. Our system does not allow automatically to create more than this amount.
  • If you want to use just 1 voucher code, you won't need to use the given file, but you can just make up your own code.


Once you created the codes using the website, please download the file as a .CSV.


Step 6: Create  a voucher group

You’re almost done! To create a voucher group open the tab ‘Manage’ and select the event you want to use the voucher code(s) for.

Now you are on the Event Dashboard again click on the ‘Vouchers’ tab under the ‘Configuration’ list.

In this screen you will be able to create a voucher group by giving the voucher group any name you like and clicking the ‘Add voucher group’ button.


Step 7: Configure the voucher group

Click on the voucher group you created. The voucher group can now be configured to your likes. You can add the codes individually by pressing the ‘Add’ button, marked with the plus (+). Or you can add multiple codes by uploading a .CSV file with all the different codes.

You will also be able to link the codes to the products you made before. Make sure that you select the correct products and tick the box of the previously made voucher point of sale.

Once you fully configured the voucher group click the ‘Save changes’ button and you will be able to sell the products connected to the voucher codes.


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